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Legacy Portfolio Launches
Legacy Portfolio Grows Organically to 11 Aircraft


Partnering with Hedge Funds and Family Offices
Grows Legacy Portfolio to 34 Aircraft


Global Financial Crisis


Legacy Portfolio Maintains Conservative Growth to 38 Aircraft


Aviator Capital Joint Venture with a Publicly Traded BDC


Legacy Portfolio Grows to 51 Aircraft


Aviator's First Private Equity Fund Launches
Legacy Portfolio in Harvest while Deploying Aviator's First Private Equity Fund


Aviator's First Private Equity Fund Fully Invested 24 Aircraft and 4 Engines
Aviator's Second Private Equity Fund Launches


Aviator's Third Private Equity Fund Launches


Aviator's Fourth Private Equity Fund Launches


Aviator's Fifth Private Equity Fund Launches

Aviator Capital Management, LLC and Aviator Capital Aircraft Managers, LLC (collectively, “Aviator”) are an alternative asset manager and a commercial aircraft leasing company, respectively, with offices in Miami, Florida and Dublin, Ireland. Aviator invests in used commercial aircraft and engines under operating leases to airlines and operators in developed and emerging markets. Currently, Aviator manages five private equity funds.

Plane in flight

Aviator’s internal capabilities are an important distinction and contributor to its competitive edge in identifying, assessing, structuring, closing, and managing transactions. Aviator’s management team, including its principals who have separately managed a Legacy Portfolio since 1999, has extensive experience in aircraft acquisitions, leasing, operations, finance, and investor relations, and a network of strong relationships with global commercial airlines, aircraft lessors, aircraft brokers, and financial institutions. These, combined with superior aircraft and aircraft engine technical knowledge, extensive airline fleet planning understanding, and the ability to comprehend global aviation market trends, have allowed the core members of the management team to develop a full-service in-house leasing platform.

In-House Leasing Platform

AVIATOR has a full-service in-house commercial aircraft leasing platform.

Airplane icon


Aircraft Physical Inspection

Historical Records Review

Regulatory Compliance

Maintenance Records Review

Test and Ferry Flights

Map marker icon


Aircraft Delivery and Re-Delivery

Export / Import / Ferrying

Lessee Communication

Sales and Marketing

Lease Monitoring

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Aircraft Purchase Documentation

Corporate Documentation / Filings

Lease Documentation / Filings

Insurance Monitoring

Loan Documents

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Lessee Credit Analysis

Financial Reporting

Accounting and Collections

Investment Modeling

Leverage Analysis